November 2018 printable calendar templates

Hey Guys! If you want to read awesome November 2018 printable calendar then please keep visiting this website. Here you will get to know a lot of collection November 2018 template that would help you to guide any Important date and days. November is known as the eleventh month of the year according to both calendars that are Julian as well as Gregorian. It is also known as the second last month of the year because it comes just before the month of December. November is known as the 5th month of the year which is consisting of less than 31 days or it is the 4th month of the year which is consisting of 30 days in a month. The festivals of this month are really awesome and celebrated in a grand way and the festivals are like Diwali.

November 2018 calendar printable

November 2018 calendar

The Diwali is the favourite festivals of most of the people. November was the ninth month of the year in older age i.e. according to the Roman calendar but after the adding of two new months that is January and February then November becomes the 11th month of the year. The name of this month that is November is origin from the Latin words “Novem” and the name of November is taken from Novem because Novem means nine and earlier it was 9th month of the year.

November 2018 calendar

November calendar 2018In the month of November, there is the autumn season in the northern hemisphere and there is spring season the southern hemisphere, many people of the southern reason waits for this month because of this spring season as in spring there is normal temperature as well as there are blooms of new flowers and leaves in all around. The zodiac sign of the month of the November is Scorpio which starts from 23rd October and ends up to 21st November and the other zodiac sign of this month is Sagittarius that is from 22nd November to 21st December.

November 2018 printable calendar

There are almost two birthstones of this month is topaz which is present in yellow in color and the other one is Citrine. The meaning of the birthstone topaz is friendship which seems very lucky for life. It is also known as the penultimate day of the year. The beginning of the November is as same as the month of February i.e. it starts from the same day of the week in common year and starts same as the month of March in every year and the ending of the month is same as august as it ends on the same day of August. When we compare the beginning and the ending of the month with previous year then the month starts with the same day of the month of June of the previous year and ends on the same day of March and June.

November calendar 2018

The flower of this beautiful month that is the month of November is chrysanthemum. As we have said earlier that there are lots of festivals which is celebrated in the month of November and apart from that there is also lots of events as well as historical moments which shows lots of importance of this month.

November 2018 printable calendar

Some of the festivals of this months are like world vegan day, foundation day in Kerala in India, all souls day in Christian, unity day in Russia, world diabetes day, international day of tolerance, world toilet day and some of the historical moments of this months are like in the month of November there is the first constitution  of Dominican Republic is adopted, many countries like Cambodia becomes independent in this month only, Panama unites with Colombia and many events held only on this months.

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